"Somewhere, Deep in the jungle, Are living some little men and women. They are our past,
And maybe, maybe they are our future..." ~ Deep Forest

1. Marius Billy playing guitar with Babongo Pygmies in Congo. 2. Demonstration of forest animal sounds. 3. Traditional mouth guitar with Sanza (thumb piano) in background.

Afrique Profonde is a nonprofit organization working to preserve the traditional culture and human rights of Pygmies in the Republic of Congo and Central Africa.  In addition to archival research, Afrique Profonde engages in creative projects and programs including eco-tourism, artist residency, educational cultural exchange programs, and advocacy work on behalf of Pygmy groups.  In the future, Afrique Profonde will be working with other non-governmental and governmental organizations to help develop land preservation, health and education programs with the aim of preserving traditional lifestyle and health of the Pygmy people. 

We at Afrique Profonde believe that every person should have a voice in determining his or her own future.